5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself) iPhone app Review


One of the funniest apps to come out of the distorted minds of the Adult Swim game developers, 5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself) iPhone app is an instant classic that every bored desk worker should have a chance at enjoying.  It is a great way to take out the pent up rage you have stocked up because of your boring, dead-end job.  In this app you are a mediocre employee at a mediocre job.  You’ve had it with stupid meetings and with the recent announcement of another meeting in about 5 minutes you have decided you would rather die than attend it.  You have five minutes to use the objects and items found in your workspace to kill yourself before the meeting starts.  You get points for doing the most damage in the least amount of time.  Try and outdo your kills by setting high scores and fastest times.  It may sound morbid, but it is a virtual race to the death.

The game boasts some really fun features such as a Single Player mode as well as a Multiplayer Mode.  The multiplayer mode is great because you can go head to head with you friends and see who can kill themselves the fastest.  If you get bored of always beating your friends with your precise suicidal tactics then you can always challenge complete strangers over the internet.  The controls are easy to pickup and you will love the different items that you can use to end your life.  You can staple your head, use a paper shredder, or pee on a computer as ways of committing office suicide.


  • The controls are simple and very easy to pick up, you use a simple formula of taps and buttons in order to start causing damage and makes it a real blast to kill yourself
  • There are both Single Player and Multiplayer Modes to practice your own suicidal methods
  • If you choose the Single Player mode you will have to race against time and use the most damaging items to kill yourself in the fastest time possible
  • In the Multiplayer Mode you can challenge your own friends to see who can kill themselves quicker
  • You can also get online and challenge complete strangers in a suicidal race of using household items to end you virtual life
  • The app connects to Facebook and you can upload your score and your times to show off
  • There are a variety of different things you can use as weapons in order to kill yourself.  Try using a stapler, computer, paper shredder, and more to end your life in the quickest and funniest way possible.


Adult Swim has yet again nailed another gory, hilarious niche with the 5 minutes to kill (yourself) app for the iPhone.  Despite it’s bloody nature this is one of the best iPhone apps on the market today.  You can use a ton of different household items to end your life as quickly as possible so you don’t have to go to your next meeting.  The game takes a really funny situation and completely capitalizes on it.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and costs $0.99 to download.

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