3 Cubed Music Player Android App Review


The Android comes with a basic music player that has the features that allow you to play a song and make it your ring tone.  The problem is that those features are all that original app comes with.  If you want a little bit more fun of an experience listening to your music, the easiest way to do this is with the Free app called 3 Cubed Music Player which is available for the Android Phone platform.

This app gives a 3d twist to a music player for the Android so that you can play the music in portrait or landscape mode.  This music player supports all the features for listening to music on your phone, which includes standard player, playlists, and shuffle.  There are also a few more abilities to grab album cover art, match concert events of artists in your music library with the concerts app extension.  This is a really cool way to display your music and visually theme it to a 3d format. There are four main viewing modes which allow you to swipe in each direction,two column scrolling wall, boring shows text only, morph flow is the way the 3d comes into play by flipping the album covers vertically in a 3d fashion while listening.


  • This app packs a great music player with a fun 3d way to view your music and watch it literally come to life.
  • There are four viewing modes which include the following:
  • packs the 3d cubed interface in which you can swipe in any direction to flip through albums
  • wall presents albums in a two columned scrolling wall
  • boring shows text only albums
  • morph flow is somewhat similar to the 3d launder on the Nexus One phones where it flips the album covers vertically

The only issue we have with this app is that the cubed symbol for the name makes it impossible to find in the android market to download.  You almost have to type in the words cubed music player to find it in the marketplace.  This really is the only issue we have with the app, but other than that, the app works very well and is a great fun way to listen to music and make it look really cool on your phone to show your fiends and family.


This app is FREE and has been given a 4 out of 5 star rating by other android phone users.

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