Bass Fishing 3D

Bass Fishing 3D is brought to you by Pascal Inc. This game is a very dynamic and an interactive bass boat fishing and driving game. It is a full 3D game so you can enjoy fishing and driving your bass boat in 3D. 

The features of Bass Fishing 3D 

– The game contains three different levels that the player can play while being in the challenge mode.

– There are three different kinds of lure that the player can choose from.

– There are seven types of fish that the player can try to catch.

– Driving and steering the boat itself while fishing.

– The player gets to choose his own casting point.

– There is a hint system that would give precious tips to amateurs.

– There are 10 choices of lures that the player can choose form. They include shallow, bottom, deep and top lures.

– The camera goes under the water when the player is retrieving his catch.

– The player has to choose the most suitable climate and time in order to catch the bass.

– The 3D graphics gives the player a much better and a more enjoyable experience while playing.

This game would give you the most realistic sport fishing experience. The game is free for a limited time, so make sure to download it while it is still free.

Overall rating is 4/5.

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Smileys for WhatsApp

Smileys for WhatsApp is brought to you by Androidsx. Have you ever wished that while texting and chatting with your fiends using WhatsApp that you would be able to use more Smileys and memes? You don’t need to wish any longer, all you need to do is download Smileys for WhatsApp. This application would make you able to use more smileys, Memes, emotions and LOLCats while using WhatsApp.

For instance, here is a list of the new smileys and emotions that is brought to you by Smileys for WhatsApp:

-Mr. Bean and South Park characters.

-Troll face, Y U NO, Forever Alone alongside the rest of the famous illustrative memes.

– An amazing collection of LOLCats.

The upcoming update is expected to contain smileys from Dragon Ball and Family Guy. Also the update is expected to include a feature that would allow you to sketch and draw your own smiley. It is also compatible with Kako, known as KakaoTalk. Although Smileys for WhatsApp is not an official WhatsApp application, it is designed to make your WhatsApp more fun. 

How to use Smileys for WhatsApp? 

First of all, you need to have WhatsApp already installed on your smart phone. You open the WhatsApp application and click on the attach image button, this will open your gallery of photos where you will find all the smileys and memes from Smileys for WhatsApp. The smileys from Smileys for WhatsApp should be entered in separate lines.

Overall rating is 4/5.

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Starhawk Uplink

Starhawk Uplink is brought to you by Sony Computer Entertainment America. It is considered the only official application for the successful PS3 shooter game, Starhawk. This free app would allow you to follow your account information and performance as well as the performance of your friends on Starhawk. It also allows you to keep up with what is happening in the Starhawk community while you are not at home. Simply login to the Starhawk Uplink application and you can view all the recent announcements, news and events.

Here are some of the features of Starhawk Uplink:

– It allows you to view clan stats and players’ stats.

– The ability to view the recent announcements and news.

– Allows you to be updated with recent events taking place.

– You don’t need to have a PS3 or the game to use the application.

– You can view the weapons’ stats of your friends.

– Check the ranking of your clan mates and friends.

– To view invitations to clans and to locate clans to challenge or join forces with.

– Allows you to connect to the numerous official pages of Starhawk on different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, PS blog and the Starhawk official blog.

The main advantage of this application that it allows you to stay connected with the world of Starhawk when you are in a vacation or away from your PS3. This way, you will not miss a thing.

Overall rating is 4.7/5. Mainly because of its various features and the ability to follow Starhawk whenever and wherever you are.

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Apocalypse of Skyland I

Apocalypse of Skylan I is a best apps brought to you by LeTang, Inc. It is expected to be one of the most successful games that will invade the world of Android games with brute force. This classic game will let you play the role of a hero that has to go through many difficulties and to fight off many enemies in order to reach the final boss to relieve the world from evil. The fate of the whole world depends on you, so build your reputation and fight on the side of light to defeat evil and darkness.

The events of the game occur in a world where darkness has prevailed and dominates everything. It all started when the once imprisoned devil named Chaos escaped and was brought back to life. So now, the people have to stand against him and fight the darkness. You take the role of the hero who will relieve this world from evil and kill the once imprisoned devil, Chaos. 

Here are some of the amazing features of Apocalypse of Skyland I 

– You can enjoy more than seventy hours of gaming.

– The game has 8 different endings depending on your performance and choices during the game.

– There is a lucky draw that occurs daily.

– Hidden quests distributed throughout the game for more fun.

– The ability to enchant weapons.

– Various challenges and stages.

– You can use combo attacks in order to cause maximum damage to your evil foes.


Overall rating is 4.5/5.

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Network Signal Booster


Network Signal Booster by Sounds Inc. is actually a life saver. Whenever you are in a deserted place and you can’t get a network signal on your cell phone, then this is the application that you need.


This application allows you to attain better signal for your cell phone and increases the speed of your internet almost on the spot. One of its advantages is that it works for WiFi, Edge and 3G connections. This makes it suitable for almost every smart phone out there. What this application basically does is that it drops the connection that you have and replaces it with a better and a faster one. Whether it’s a WiFi router nearby or a closer cell tower that has a stronger signal, this will result in a better network signal and a faster internet connection.

Another advantage is that it helps you save your battery’s energy because when you have a weak signal or a slow internet connection, this actually drains your battery very fast. So when your signal becomes stronger and your internet faster, it will save your battery’s energy so it can last longer.


A lot of people are skeptical that an app would be able to actually enhance the network signal or increase internet speed but those who tried it were surprised. You are recommended to try it out and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Overall Rating 4/5.

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